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can be easily transported to a location of choice FULLY LOADED when needed or in preparation for an unforseen circumstance in the future. Our high-tech inclusions will enable a family to survive for short and medium terms and our SAS Military Advice partners and suppliers (some of which supply World Military Organisations) work together to ensure that all the bits you will need to assist you to provide shelter, food, water, warmth, health and general sustinance are included. The ability to deliver the portable life support systems to almost any location in Australia and overseas, quickly and efficiently by road, rail, water and air offers peace of mind to those willing to insure against or respond to Mother Nature's events. Smart Outdoor Survival for a World of Change is our catch cry - you never know what is around the corner of life. Being prepared for all circumstances is the answer.



TO THIS . . . 20/40ft shipping container . . .

and a lot in between. We package survival equipment, food and water into these containers and provide a one stop shop solution for your outdoor survival needs. You can start small with a single BUG-OUT BOX for 3 days survival and work up to a 40ft shipping container that will provide up to 12 months survival living.

Before we subject ourselves to a challenging situation, it would be an advantage to know what stresses we are likely to face and more importantly how we will react to them. Being aware of what we will have to deal with will eliminate a lot of uncertainty that can weaken our resolve. By identifying these stresses its possible in some cases to eliminate them or formulate a method of dealing with them. The only way you will know how you will react is to experience them. All life is a learning curve which instils knowledge, its called experience which is priceless. Armed with common sense and drawing on experience will get you out of most situations. But how do you get the experience and how will you know what your reactions will be.

The answer is to push yourself to the limit while being carefully monitored. Its no good if I plan to climb Everest and train for it in the Brecon Beacons. The training must be as hard as, or even harder than the actual adventure. The saying Train hard fight easy , is very true. Add to this you cannot cheat the gym, will put you in good shape for the big event. You must put the effort in which helps eliminate all the nagging doubts that may jeopardise your success, like am I fit enough, can I carry this weight, am I going in the right direction. Its of little use when something happens and you say I wished I had done this, or I should have done that So understanding your body will greatly help you overcome adversity. There are many stresses to face all requiring different responses. How do you respond when exhausted? And can I make a decision when soaking wet? Its questions like these that you must ask yourself. Knowing how you respond to hunger, what is it like to be deprived of sleep, how you react when thirsty. Can you deal with pain, and how do you react to fear. How does the cold affect you and what is your tolerance to heat. Have an idea before you are exposed. The majority of people see fear and pain as a disadvantage, whereas in fact they are positive survival assets. Without these emotions we would do stupid things, and pay the consequences. Fear stops us doing something we are unsure of, or makes us think before we act. Knowledge overcomes fear and once we understand the risks and dangers we can take the necessary precautions overcoming the problem.

Don't try to hide your fears it is nothing to be ashamed of. The moment you do something dangerous and not get a buzz is the time to stop that pursuit. Fear makes us revise our actions and take notice. Parachutists, climbers and divers all experience apprehension, but they overcome it because they are confident in their preparation, equipment and training. By controlling fear in yourself you can control fear in others. The down side of fear is panic. If it is not checked fear can lead to panic and all is lost. Fear can root you to the spot denying you of all coordination and clouding your judgement. When confronted by an unexpected situation, control your emotions by breathing. Stand tall with the feet shoulder width apart and breathe through the nose for a count of ten. Hold the breath for ten seconds before exhaling forcibly through the mouth to a ten count. This slows everything down allowing you to put things in perspective. Pain although unpleasant is the way the body cries for help. It draws attention to an injured part to prevent further injury. If we know what's causing the pain and more importantly how to treat the injury, we can overcome this, or greatly reduce the impact of it. Loneliness and isolation have to be faced. It's always best to have a companion but you must be able to rely on yourself when the need arises. You can con other people to how good you are but you can't fool yourself. One of the biggest fears you may have to face is fear of your own weaknes. So put the effort in leave no nagging doubts that may work against you when the going gets tough. A person in unknown territory or experiencing a new problem can let their imagination run riot. This can lead to illogical behaviour with serious consequences. Knowledge will reinforce self belief giving you confidence eliminating these thoughts.

Spend time to run through your proposed adventure, looking for all the dangers. Ask yourself what will I do if this happens. Imagine the worse possible scenario and come up with a solution. Have a contingency plan which you can execute if things go wrong. This way you won't be caught out, its when you don't address the problems that mistakes and accidents happen. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Get to know your body and develop your senses. With time you can develop a 6th type of sense which helps keep you safe and make the correct choices. You get a feel for the ground; can forecast the weather, judge distances, and spot potential dangers. Now and again you feel a hunch or get an uneasy feeling, pay attention to these they could save your life. First know how to survive in a temperate zone in all weathers. The cold is probably the hardest to survive in. It numbs the mind and any mistake is unforgiving. Nothing lives permanently in the extreme areas of the world they migrate to more forgiving areas. Only man goes there to exploit mineral wealth. High mountains are devoid of life and problems get greater with altitude. By getting out of our comfort zone we soon learn the essentials and acquire new skills. Don't let the comfort of home go against you when you find yourself on limited resources. Again it's only with practice that you will attain these skills that can be applied anywhere, not just in the wilderness. Lofty Wiseman - ex British SAS - Truways Survival Expert

S.O.S. EMERGENCY 3 DAY GRAB n' GO BUGOUT BOX- everyone should have one ready!

S.O.S. EMERGENCY 3 MONTH MODULAR SURVIVAL SOLUTION - three space boxes which can be purchased all at once or over time with food, water, shelter, cooking, communications and essentials split accross the three modules. Colour coded for easy identification will fit in most vehicles.

S.O.S. EMERGENCY TRAILER SURVIVAL MODULE - will provide survival solutions for up to 6 months with food & water, shelter, tools, cooking and many essential items to make outdoor living more comfortable.

(food & water only in 10ft X 10ft shipping container cube)

20ft, 40ft - short, medium and longer term survival solutions - disaster recovery.

for mines, construction, aged care, corporate, civic, military, leisure pursuits etc, Shipping containers transformed into working or living accomodation.



The State of Victoria was devastated last summer when a wild fire of unprecedented ferocity descended on it’s rural and mountain communities on a day remembered as Black Saturday. Many lives were lost and hundreds of properties destroyed as a result. In the aftermath of this disaster many questions have been asked concerning what could have been done to safeguard us against the threat posed by bushfire. One suggestion that continues to surface again and again is the use of purpose built fire shelters provisioned for pre and post fire survival.BE-PREPARED - Protect against the ravage of FIRE. Our S.O.S EMERGENCY CONTAINER(S) are custom built for bunker requirements with fire rated doors and other facilities to meet fire standards. They can be buried and are equipped for smoke ventilation and other survival contents. We equip the containers with survival provisions based on long term emergency requirements.The threat of bushfire haunts many people throughout the world. How often on the evening news do we see footage of homes being lost despite the best efforts of firefighters in places as far afield as Los Angeles to Athens, not ignoring of course our own dry continent.

Be prepared. Disaster Preparedness is a discipline that involves preparing for an emergency before it occurs, disaster response (e.g. emergency evacuation, quarantine, mass decontamination, etc.), as well as supporting, and rebuilding society after natural or human-made disasters have occurred. In general, disaster preparedness involves a continuous process by which all individuals, groups, and communities manage hazards in an effort to avoid or ameliorate the impact of disasters resulting from the hazards. Actions taken depend in part on perceptions of risk to those exposed. Effective disaster preparedness relies on thorough integration of emergency plans. A pre-packed survival container can be delivered to victims of floods, hurricanes, storms and other catastrophes from a central storage facility so that survival is supported quickly and efficiently after the event. We provide a truly exciting package of survival equipment and product for those wanting future proof assurance. You can deploy the S.O.S EMERGENCY CONTAINER(S) to a location of your choice or have us store them until required. You get the keys on purchase.



We can turn shipping containers into outdoor survival homes with all the amenities and ship to your nominated location. You can also bury the shipping containers to create an underground refuge! Store food, water, supplies and much more.


When a hurricane hits, winds in excess of 155 miles per hour can cause catastrophic damage. Emergency kits with food are an important piece of hurricane disaster preparedness. What will your family will do if you happen to lie in the disaster path of a hurricane? Many victims of Hurricane Katrina and North Queensland have remained without water, food or shelter days after the storm itself had passed. Government response time to the disaster was hindered by political processes and access to the region. You can be better prepared to survive a hurricane and other natural disasters by simply having on hand emergency food and shelter. If you live along the Australian coastline — or upto several hundred miles inland, your disaster preparedness plan should take the threat of hurricanes and tropical storms very seriously. Parts of Queensland experience heavy rains and floods each year from hurricanes. Protect your family from hurricane disaster with S.O.S EMERGENCY CONTAINER(S) emergency food kits. Hurricanes can produce widespread torrential rains. Floods are the deadly and destructive result. Slow moving storms and tropical storms moving into mountainous regions tend to produce especially heavy rain. Excessive rain can trigger landslides or mud slides, especially in mountainous regions. Flash flooding can occur due to intense rainfall. Flooding on rivers and streams may persist for several days or more after the storm. Properly equipped with a disaster preparedness plan and survival food kits your family will have the food your family needs to survive for up to two weeks.

Survival back packs available with 3 days food provisions are also available.




Converting a Shipping Container into a Livable and Safe Home

Container home in suburbia


Building a bigger home with containers

VIDEO Building an Underground shelter

VIDEO Geting ready for 2012

Straw bale container home

Volumetric container design

House design

One cool home



Floods are one of the most common hazards in Australia. The devastating effects of floods and flooding can be local, impacting a neighborhood or community, or very large, affecting entire river basins and multiple states. S.O.S EMERGENCY CONTAINER(S) can help you and your family through any flood disaster. Not all floods are not alike. Some floods develop slowly, sometimes over a period of days. But flash floods can develop quickly, sometimes in just a few minutes and without any visible signs of rain. Flash floods often have a dangerous wall of roaring water that carries rocks, mud, and other debris and can sweep away most things in its path. Overland flooding occurs outside a defined river or stream, such as when a levee is breached, but still can be destructive. Flooding can also occur when a dam breaks, or overspill valves are released (Brisbane) producing effects similar to flash floods Be aware of flood disaster hazards where you live, and be prepared with emergency food kits, especially if you live in a low-lying area. Even very small streams, gullies, creeks, culverts, dry streambeds, or low-lying ground that appear harmless in dry weather can flood. Every state is at risk of flood disaster.


An earthquake can strike suddenly without warning, putting your disaster preparedness plan to the test. If you have S.O.S EMERGENCY CONTAINER(S) you and your family could have the food and supplies you need to survive one of nature's most frightening and destructive forces. Earthquakes can be violent, and strike at any time of the day or night. If an earthquake occurs in a populated area, it may cause many deaths and injuries and extensive property damage. Although there are no guarantees of safety during an earthquake, if you live in an earthquake prone area, you can do a lot to prepare to survive an earthquake and its terrible aftereffects. Your earthquake preparedness and advance planning can save lives and significantly reduce injuries and property damage. In addition the ability to recover life support quickly after a quake is important and S.O.S EMERGENCY CONTAINER(S) can be shipped in from remote storage facilities within a day or so. With planning, your earthquake preparedness can save your life and the lives of the ones you love. Don't wait — put your disaster preparedness plan into effect today!


Created by earthquakes on the sea floor Tsunami's can be very devastating to coastal locations as recently shown by the events in Japan, Indonesia and other locations. With full loss of all services and slow response by authorities to the provision of water and food in devasted locations the impact of being prepared can mean the difference between life and death. S.O.S EMERGENCY CONTAINER(S) can not prevent or protect against the event but they can make survivor recovery more acceptable. They can be delivered into Tusnami stricken locations from remote storage after the event providing shelter, food, warmth and other life support and survival systems. Don't wait—put your disaster preparedness plan into effect before it's too late.

Disaster Preparedness: Severe Winter Storms

When a severe winter storm hits, the heavy snowfall and extreme cold can immobilize an entire region. Your disaster preparedness with
S.O.S EMERGENCY CONTAINER(S) emergency food kits can make all the difference when it comes to how well you weather severe storms when they arrive. Even areas that normally experience mild winters can be hit with a major snowstorm or extreme cold. Severe winter storms can result in flooding, storm surge, closed highways, blocked roads, downed power lines and hypothermia. Make sure you and your family are prepared for such disasters with emergency plans and survival food kits. With preparation, and with survival food kits, you can ensure your family is prepared for a a severe winter storm disaster. Don't wait—put your disaster preparedness plan into effect before it's too late.

Disaster Preparedness: Pandemic

Disaster preparedness means being prepared for an emergency of any kind — natural or man-made, and being prepared means having emergency food kits on hand, ready to use when they're needed. It's important to prepare in advance for threats to public health such as pandemics of infections disease like the 2009 "swine flu" pandemic. A pandemic is defined as epidemic of infectious disease that is spreading through human populations across a large region; for instance a continent, or even worldwide. A widespread endemic disease that is stable in terms of how many people are getting sick from it is not a pandemic. Further, flu pandemics exclude seasonal flu. Throughout history there have been a number of pandemics, such as smallpox and tuberculosis. More recent pandemics include the HIV pandemic and the 2009 flu pandemic. Having a emergency kits stocked with enough food for two weeks can limit exposure. Fewer trips out into public could literally spare you and your loved ones from being infected.
S.O.S EMERGENCY CONTAINERS(S) could provide food for you and your family until things return to a "safe" and normal state, and should be a part of your own pandemic preparedness plan. You may even have to temporarily move out of high density population centers (Cities) untill a pandemic passes and the ability to quickly deliver your portable life support facility is a great advantage.

Need to be in touch anywhere? Then try one of our satellite phones from satcom. From the Antartic to the Arctic you can stay ion touch with loved ones during stressful times and emergencies.

Inmarsat and Iridium satellite phones available for sale or hire.

Disaster Preparedness: Terrorism

Disaster preparedness means being prepared for any kind of emergency—natural or man-made, and being prepared means having emergency kits on hand, ready to use when they're needed. It's important to prepare in advance for threats to homeland security and bioterrorism. Most Americans are confident their food supply is safe from natural contaminants. Even though the federal Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that about one person in four contracts a food-borne illness each year, and that 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths occur annually due to consumption of inadvertently contaminated food, the public generally believes the food they purchase will not make them sick. However, Al Qaeda's September 11 attacks and the subsequent anthrax incidents raise an additional concern for America's food supply. Deliberate contamination of the nation's food supply is a real possibility and the economic and psychological implications of an attack on the food supply are sobering. Some foods are more susceptible to deliberate contamination than others, but there is no practical way one can eliminate the possibility of being affected. Emergency kits are an important part of disaster preparedness for emergencies resulting from threats to homeland security and bioterrorism. Protect you and your family with

. Although the Australian homeland security commission is doing what it can to protect the food supply, there is a high likelihood that terrorists will at some point use a bioterrorism attack on our food supply avenue. This could mean local grocery stores won't have food for several weeks while the government sorts out a problem. An emergency kit will provide food for you and your family until the nation's food supply is back to normal. That's a sound disaster preparedness plan!

Disaster Preparedness: Unemployment


Unemployment is something none of us want to go through. The term itself conjures up feelings of despair, helplessness, and fear. Are you prepared with an unemployment preparedness plan? The economic events of the recent past have made everyone feel less secure. Things that were once reliable now seem unsure. Although you may feel powerless to control everything in your life, one thing you can control is making sure you and your family have emergency food kits stocked with enough to eat in the event economic downturn affects your family in the form of job loss or unexpected unemployment. When thinking about how to prepare for unemployment survival, few people put food at the top of the list. But how many things are really more important than that? What would you do if you couldn't afford to buy food? How long would you be able to survive? Your personal unemployment preparedness plan should include emergency food kits with enough survival food for your family to survive until your personal financial crisis has ended. You may have to sell your home, move to more modest accomodation or even purchase a block of land knowing you can survive untill the crisis passes. Protect you and your family from hunger in the event of your unemployment. SOS EMERGENCY CONTAINER takes away some of the worry of uncertain economic times by ensuring you have enough survival food to feed your family.

If you have no idea what is coming, then you are not going to be in a position to do anything to help yourself or anyone else!.



And in another category, many people are looking to escape urban life which is feeding up poisons in just about everything we eat, drink and do. And therefore the attraction of remote off the grid ecological living is increasing, not to mention the rising costs of living in urban centers forcing people to reconsider the great Australian Dream of owning their own home. OFF-THE-GRID living enables people to survive in remote locations for nominated durations and includes food, water catchment, energy generation, health and medical supplies, transport, cooking, clothing and much more.
Great to drop on a block of land - be prepared.

Finally there is a leisure market where vacation intentions can be fulfilled using S.O.S. packaged containers the contents of which can be utilized just about anywhere and the container picked up afterwards. You can even sleep on top of the container in what we call SKY-CAMPS when required. Perhaps you may have considered a bush or remote camping holiday with all the goodies required for basic survival (and some little luxuries includig recreational equipment) and have a location in mind - we deliver to site, you use the gear and we collect afterwards. It puts a whole new dimension on vacations. We can road transport or fly the containers in. Makes a holiday location very flexible. We call these S.O.S EMERGENCY CONTAINER(S) Leisure Pursuit kits. Full inventories are tailored to your requirements including motorised transport accessories. Use a ladder (supplied) and pitch your tent(s) (supplied) on the container roof and enjoy security from anoying animals and people. Guard rails and other items protect you children on SKY-CAMPS.

If you think about it, food and water are vital to our survival. A human being can only live for a few weeks without food and only a few days without water. So why aren't we more concerned with protecting our most basic necessities? In light of the tragic events in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina in the USA, hurricane in Queensland, Tsunami in Japan, quakes in Chile , the floods in Queensland, NSW and Victoria, the power outage in New York City that brought the city to a standstill, and the constant threat of fires, earthquakes, tornadoes and other natural disasters across the country, it is important to make sure we always have the basic necessities of life with enough home food storage for your family to survive for at least two weeks. We have designed an emergency food pack and emergency survival kits to give people at least two weeks of great food and clean water until more permanent solutions can be obtained. Many of the meals are freeze-dried, which means they will last up to 10 years and retain their nutritional value. S.O.S Food meals come prepackaged as lasagna, beef stroganoff, and a host of other great entrees. Why not make sure you and your loved ones are prepared with enough food and water to survive the ever-increasing number of disasters in the world? It makes sense. Small survival packages offered on many sites are OK for a couple of days but if a cataclysmic event happens you will need to survive for some time. BE-PREPARED!

There are many vendors of small survival kits around the world but none offer the comprehensive longer term survival equipment & food/water coverage that we do - fully loaded in a robust shipping container - delivered to a location of your choice!


and . . . The S.O.S. PORTABLE EMERGENCY SOLAR POWER GENERATOR - ask us for a quote!!
All packed into a shipping container ready for deployment. Instructions included. Uses the container as the base for deployment and can be positioned anywhere outside for solar power collection, storage and sale back to the grid. Can include a solar tracker for maxium power collection. Outputs AC and DC power for the home, or variety of external equipment. Ideal for survival conditions, disaster recovery, groups, events and more where power is needed in a remote location.


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